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From the moment you wake up to the end of the day when you lay your head down on your pillow you are making choices. 'I Choose' is a series design that captures this idea and sets the tone for its powerful message. 

To capture this message our team brainstormed with the client on a variety of ideas that would represent this concept. We started with ideas such as a red or blue pill choice playing off the movie the Matrix or others that involved a fork in the road representing the different paths we choose to take. We were able to land on what ended up being our final concept with our first meeting using imagery of two doors to represent our constant cycle of choices.

Once this theme was decided on, we chose to have a figure standing in front of the doors as the agent making the choice. The clients core audience represents a variety cultures and it was important that the figure in front of the doors was able to represent this. To meet this need we mocked up a variety of figures to provide the client options for capturing the multicultural body of their audience. 

In the final versions of the design we came up with the idea to add an assortment verbs listed on the walls, almost as a wall paper, to bring home the concept of the multitude of choices we face.

Program Layout

Invitation Cards

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