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As one of my first projects for South Bay Church in San Jose i was asked to design the theme for a series of events in October. To promote these evening events I was asked to create a theme they could use in marketing slides as well as social media posts.


To create this looked at represented a fun evening event with the theme of October I decided to use the night sky as the main back drop. To give the feel of October are used fall leaves to overlay at the bottom of the graphic. To provide further interest I found a nice script font the complemented both of these assets and used it as themed font for the design.


With these different pieces of the designs that I was able to create the promotional slide with the dates and names of the events.


For the social media posts I decided to use the same font to connect to the brand but Inc. different types of photography to highlight the events of each night. These graphics for a used over a series of weeks to promote the event.

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