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You may be able to seemingly achieve a lot if you put all in the effort you have by yourself into a task but when compared with the multiplication affect that happens when you allow God to use your life, the difference is unimaginable. 

To goal behind this design project was to create imagery that would represent this idea of multiplication. There were a lot of initial ideas on how to approach representing this series and a lot of them had to do with a large X representing the multiplication symbol. Because this has been done many times in the past by others doing similar projects , I wanted to create something that was different and unique.

The final idea that ended up being implemented was one that allowed us to use the motion graphic that would accompany the theme in a unique way. The idea of the motion graphic would use movement in animation to represent dots multiplying and being connected through strings.

From this idea I created the static version that shows the multiplying dots across the canvas overlaid with the multiply title logo.

Random dots were made red to represent the idea that your multiplied efforts can lead to others having multiplied efforts creating an exponential growth in the effort that you put it.

For this series and a sign and brochure were created along with the digital slides used during the service.

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