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Every day we are starting on new journeys big and small, and how we start each of these journeys has a big impact on how we go through and finish these journeys. In this series for South Bay Church, the task was to create a graphic  represented the start of a journey and the importance of prayer in the beginning of those journeys. 

The “Pray First” series concept came from another church whose design used a circle graphic. The client enjoyed this look this other church used, but wanted something similar in a way but still unique. To accomplish this look I started looking through a variety of styles of circles that could be used as well as typefaces and ways to play with the lettering to make it an interesting title inside of the circle. After putting together a variety of samples I was able to show the client and have a final version of the logo.

Greens and imagery of the outdoors was requested to represent growth, life, and the start of a journey. I was able to find a few images that had a path into the woods which represented well the start of a journey. I overlaid the final logo with this image to create the final themed look.

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