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Hi, I'm Matt, and I founded DuGood Creative in 2017 to help entrepreneurs and small businesses understand how great design can connect them to customers and improve their business. I jump into the design exploration process with my clients, helping them align graphics and branding to their business goals. DuGood Creative provides accessible design services ranging from large rebrands to minor design solutions like business card refreshes. One of our specializations is in logo creation, a foundational part of building a strong brand. I created a whimsical font-based logo for Fillory Yarn and an industrial shield-shaped logo for Firehouse Asphalt, where each logo successfully communicates these brands' distinct visual identities.

As a graphic design partner for my clients, I provide consultant-level guidance in several areas of business. DuGood Creative takes a holistic approach to identify what design elements are needed in the short and long terms. Together, we talk through design ideas while I manage active design projects from start to finish. If you need help with design I would be happy to schedule time to discuss your needs.

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